Orthodontic Referrals

If your child needs orthodontic care, we’ll refer you to Palm Tree Dentistry, our trusted sister practice located less than ten minutes away from us in Lakeland, FL. Your child will be in good hands — their friendly team will do a full orthodontic assessment and create a custom treatment plan.

Early Orthodontics

Did you know that children can benefit from early orthodontic care? One example of early orthodontic treatment is using spacers when a baby tooth falls out before the adult tooth is ready to take its place. Spacers keep surrounding teeth from shifting out of place and keep the area open until the permanent tooth begins to grow. Not every child will need early orthodontic care. Your child’s dentist can evaluate your child’s smile as it develops and recommend any treatment that would benefit them.

A Place for Every Guest

At Yasrebi Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that every guest matters! That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your child receives exceptional care no matter the condition of their teeth. We’re here to help your child feel healthier and more confident in their smile and look forward to meeting you both. Book an appointment online today!

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