Dental Education

At Yasrebi Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we want to help parents understand each stage of their child’s dental development. From toddlers to teens, we want parents to be involved in the entire dental process so that they can make the best decisions for the smiles of the ones they love. We’re here to build lasting relationships and help you and your child each step of the way! 

Understand Oral Health

When you schedule a visit for your child, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have. We’ll also offer advice concerning your child’s oral health. From at-home habits to dental check-ups, there are several ways parents can help their children maintain healthy smiles! It’s important to care for young teeth, as it lays the foundation for the future of their smile. Consistent brushing, flossing and dental visits are some of the best ways you can care for your child’s smile and help them build habits that will last a lifetime! 

Six-Month Appointments

We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit around one year of age. However, if your child is older and has not yet seen a dentist, it’s never too late to begin their dental care! Your child’s first dental appointment will be catered to meet their needs and designed to help them enjoy their dental experience. Once they have had their first visit, we recommend scheduling a check-up every six months to keep their smile on the right track. 

Say ‘No’ to Tobacco

One of the areas we strive to educate children and teens is in the area of tobacco. Tobacco can cause much damage to a person’s smile over time. By teaching them from an early age the effects of tobacco, we want to encourage them to do the best thing for their smile by avoiding it altogether.

Straightforward Dentistry

We believe in providing reliable, honest dental care. By communicating and providing dental education, we can help parents make informed decisions when it comes to their children’s oral health. We’re here to answer your questions and offer the best recommendations for the benefit of your child’s smile. At Yasrebi Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Lakeland, FL, you can rest assured that your child or teen is in good hands when it comes to their dental care.

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